Before founded, we are always thinking how to name our brand to make it memorable and can highlight our tenet. After seriously discussions, we determined to use QSP - taken from the first letters of” Quality, Service and Price”. It is simple and easy to remember.  The more important is QSP indicate our purpose: to provide quality knives with good service and reasonable price. We put our founding mission to our brand, so that we can always remember it and move forward!

QSP-Better Knife, Better Life

“Better knife, Better life”, this is what QSP want to do. QSP want everyone in the world who love or need a knife can buy a quality knife with reasonable money. Each knife from QSP adopt quality materials, each process is strictly controlled and tested. QSP listening customer’s friendly opinion and feedback, constantly developing the new products and upgrade the old products. We are never skimp our production cost, because design and manufacture world-class knife is our goal. But we are always squeezing our margin to make the price lower, because let more people in the world who love knife can hold a QSP knife in hand is our dream!


QSP is a brand of YangJiang MingHui Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd., MingHui Co., Ltd. was established in spring of 2009, has rich experience in OEM, ODM orders as well as OBM.

In 2017 summer MingHui created its own first brand-QSP, commit to design & manufacture quality knives.


QSP means Quality, Service and Price. Every QSP knife is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and has a limited lifetime warranty. Every QSP knife is designed as a cutting tools or has its purpose use. If the QSP knife be damaged by use outside the range of its intended use, it is not covered by warranty.

What does the warranty cover/not cover

1. QSP KNIFE warrants every QSP knife free of defect in material and workmanship. We can replace it at free of charge.

2. If QSP KNIFE lose its purpose function when you got it, please contact feedback@qspknife.com , and we will arrange replacement.

3. If pocket clip or screw damaged, we will send you a new one free.

4. This warranty does not cover the damage caused by lose, theft, misuse, neglect or improper sharpening.

5. This warranty does not cover the damage caused by inappropriate care or normal wear and tear.

6. If the knife was loose its proper function caused by incorrect disassembled and reassembled, the warranty will be voided.

7. If the knife repaired by any other source or has any aftermarket parts and accessories, the warranty will be voided.

How to request a replacement?

1. Please send clear knife photos showing defective, and inform us where you bought it to feedback@qspknife.com with subject: item no. replacement request, we will assess and come back shortly.

2. Please note, we only replace the knife with the same model or one of equal value.

Knife care and use:

1. Don’t use the edge to cut hard object such as stone, steel tube….

2. Don’t use the knife as a lever

3. Please follow the local and international laws in using QSP knife

4. Please wipe it by soft cloth with proper anti-rust oil after used, and store in dry place

5. Please sharpen the knife properly with correct techniques.