Warranty & Support
QSP stands for Quality, Service and Price. Every QSP knife is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and has a limited lifetime warranty. Every QSP knife is designed as a cutting tool or has its purpose use. If the QSP knife be damaged by use outside the range of its intended use, it is not covered by warranty.
What does the warranty cover/not cover

1.      QSP KNIFE warrants every QSP knife free of defect in material and workmanship. We can replace it without charge.

2.      If QSP KNIFE loose it purpose function please contact your nearest representative to request a replacement.

3.      If pocket clip or screw damaged, contact your nearest representative to send you the relative hardware.

4.      This warranty does not cover the damage caused by lose, theft, misuse, neglect or improper sharpening.

5.      This warranty does not cover the damage caused by inappropriate care or normal wear and tear.

6.      If the knife was loose its proper function caused by incorrect disassembled and reassembled, the warranty will be voided.

7.      If the knife repaired by any other source or has any aftermarket parts and accessories, the warranty will be voided.

The replace condition and where to send your product for replacement

1.     Please send the knife photo, item number and damage cause to your nearest QSP representative, you will get an answer shortly.

2.      Please noticed, we only replace the knife with the same model or one of equal value.

Knife care and use:

1.      Don’t use the edge to cut hard object such as stone, steel tube….

2.      Don’t use the knife as a lever

3.      Please follow the local and international laws in using QSP knife

4.      Please wipe it by soft cloth after used, and store in dry place

5.      Please sharpen the knife properly with correct techniques.


USA: Service_USA@qspknife.com

Europe: Service_EU@qspknife.com

Any after sales support request , pls feel free to send an email to our authorised representatives.